Drill a stainless steel pan

If you have ever encountered drilling stainless steel, you are well aware that it is quite problematic to drill this metal just like that. It is necessary to have certain knowledge and experience, because unlike ordinary steel, stainless steel is much more difficult to machine, which leads to certain difficulties.

I will show how to make three large-diameter holes in a stainless steel pan in three different ways. The task is simplified by the fact that the pan has walls of thin metal.

DIY stainless steel drilling

So, we decide where to make a hole. So that the drill does not jump when entering, use the core to center the center of the future hole.

Three ways that I will use:

  • Step drill.

  • Core drilling.

  • And drilling with an ordinary drill, with the argument to the desired diameter with a dremel.

    We drill stainless steel with a step drill

    It is advisable to drill at low speed with a lubricant, in the role of which it is good to use oil. And if it is not at hand, then you can periodically spray the drilling area with plain water.

    So, without rushing, step by step, step by step, we drill a hole of such a diameter that allows a step drill.

    For thin metal, such a drill is optimal.

    We drill a stainless steel with a coronary drill

    Now the time has come for the crown. Again the core center, with a step drill we drill a hole for the input drill bit. And already with a coronary drill, we begin to drill a wide hole, not forgetting to spray with a cooling-lubricating fluid.

    Using this method, it was possible to very quickly get a wide hole of the desired diameter.

    But after the first hole, the drill fell into disrepair. All his teeth are blunt and he can only throw it away.

    The third method: drill and dremel

    This method of obtaining holes of the desired diameter can be called alternative. It can be used in cases where the diameter of the step drill is not enough.

    We place the future hole not only in the center, but also in the outer diameter.

    With a core drill and a step drill, we drill the maximum possible diameter.

    Now we take the dremel in our hands, and with the cutting nozzle we bring the hole to the desired diameter.

    Here in the end.

    In the konk, we clean the edges of all the holes made with a file to remove burrs and sharp edges. And we install the necessary cranes, heating elements, fittings and so on.

    Stainless steel is very moody metal in terms of processing. Therefore, after the passage of the three methods presented, I can say that the optimal, fast and convenient is the drilling with a step drill.

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    Learn from my friends and share your comments. Bye everyone!