Simple car drinker

Hello! If you have domestic animals, then this article will be of interest to you. In it I will tell you how to make a very convenient drinker, in which you will not need to constantly pour water, and the liquid will be dosed itself in the right proportions. Such a thing is suitable for poultry and not only.

Will need


  • Plastic jar with a lid.

  • A bowl, cup, plastic bucket, or something like that, is larger in diameter than a can. You can take the bottom from the food plastic canister.


    • Drill or screwdriver.

    • A pair of small and large diameter drills.

    • Hot glue gun.

    • Scissors.

      Making a car drinker for poultry

      We remove all labels from the can. Be sure to rinse well so that all odors of the product previously inside are gone.

      We cut off the bottom of the plastic bucket so that the edge of 3-4 centimeters remains.

      You can a little more, everything will depend on whom you drink.

      Glue the lid from the can to the bottom with hot glue.

      In the bank, in the area of ​​the neck, we drill a hole. The height of this hole from the neck will set the water level at the bottom of the base.

      Now we pour pure water into the jar to the brim. And wrap the lid with the base.

      Turn over and set. Water will flow out through the holes. And as soon as it reaches the desired level, the flow will stop, in view of the fact that the air for discharge into the banks will cease to flow.

      Here is such a very simple and uncomplicated design that all your chicks and hens will really like.

      Very convenient to maintain. It does not require special stands and can be placed anywhere. I recommend making several such drinkers and placing them in different places in the enclosure so that everyone has free access to water at any time.