How to catch fish with a plastic bottle

Tourists have situations when there are problems with food. If there is a pond nearby, then the problem can be solved even in the absence of fishing rods.

What is required for the trap

The device is made of a five-liter plastic bottle and rope 4-5 meters long. The capacity is cut with an ordinary knife.

Manufacturing technology

Cut the top cone from the bottle.

Unscrew the cover and remove the plastic handle. It is fixed around the perimeter of the neck, cut it with the tip of a knife and remove it. This must be done - the handle moves and repels the fish.

Insert the cut portion upside down into the remaining bottle. It should be a construction that resembles a yatter. The fish will swim into the tank through a relatively narrow neck, and exit from it is difficult.

Use a knife to make a through hole in the bottom of the container. Place it in the center, the largest thickness of polyethylene is here - the reliability of fixation increases.

Pass the end of the rope through the hole, pull it out and tie a knot. If the hole is large, then make a few knots. The main condition is that they should not allow the rope to be pulled back.

Put a heavy object at the bottom of the bottle: a stone, a piece of brick, etc. It is needed so that the bottle sinks to the bottom and lies there motionless.

Insert the cut neck back and make through holes in two parts. They will need about 4-5 pieces, place around the perimeter at the same distance.

Cut pieces about 10 cm long from the rope, insert them into the holes and tie the structure. The neck should be firmly fixed to the container. If there is no rope at hand, then you can use shoe laces, two pieces are enough to make the device.

Homemade plastic yater is ready. As a bait, lower the crumb of bread to the bottom, it is advisable to pre-moisten it a little in water and make tight balls. No bread - dig up the worms, but even on an empty bottle there is a chance to catch fish.

Now it remains to throw it as far as possible from the coast, experienced fishermen know the fishing places. The trap will gradually fill with water and sink to the bottom.

You can check in a few hours, pull the trap by a long rope. There will be no big catch, but it will always catch in your ear.


Fish is not caught immediately, it is better to throw a trap in the evening, during the night there will definitely be a fish in it.