How to drill the puck smoothly

Those who were engaged in plumbing, various repairs of cars and motorbikes would surely find themselves in a similar situation when it was necessary to drill the washer evenly to the desired diameter. It would seem, take it and drill it, what's the problem? But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

If the washer is narrow or made of thin metal, then hold it, hold it somewhere just does not work out.

If you hold her in a vise, then most likely she will remember. And if you hold, say, with pliers, then the hole will not be even, since the washer will jump when drilling.

We drill the puck exactly with our own hands

I will use the bench drill. Do everything you need on a wooden board. Without starting the rotation, lower the drill close to the washer, thereby smoothly centering it.

Gently raise the drill without moving the washers. We put a wooden block on top and press it with a clamp. Then we start the machine and drill a bar with a sandwich with a washer and a lower plank.

We remove the bar. Tuck the puck as it was pressed into a tree.

In such a simple way, you can squander the puck smoothly and accurately without unnecessary effort.

If necessary, you can grind irregularities and burrs with a file.

How to squander the puck with a conventional drill?

We take a drill with which we will bore the puck. We drill a through hole in the bar in advance. Then put the washer on a wooden surface. We put a bar on top, adjusting the holes in the bar and in the washer by eye. Clamp with clamps.

We drill with a conventional drill or screwdriver.

Such tricks are very helpful in life, especially to those who own them.