An effective do-it-yourself mosquito repellent

It’s easy to buy mosquito repellent and midges. In any associated pharmacy there is a huge and varied amount. But sometimes it happens that this very tool at the right time unexpectedly ends or is lost. If you are in a city or other village where there are shops and pharmacies, then of course you can just go and buy what you want, but if you are already far from civilization, impressions of your vacation can be spoiled by annoying mosquitoes and midges. If suddenly you find yourself in a similar situation, then you can make a mosquito repellent yourself. The tool is wonderful, protects against all types of bloodsuckers! Moreover, it can be made literally from what is lying on the ground! Of its components, only a little alcohol is needed. Surely, every fisherman or tourist has a flask with vodka or cognac. Or a bottle of alcohol in a medicine cabinet.

Will need

  • Tin can with a lid.

  • A tin can without a lid (slightly smaller diameter).

  • Birch bark.

  • Alcohol, or alcohol-containing liquid (at least 40 degrees).

  • Matches and brushwood for a small bonfire.

  • A jar or a small bottle for the finished product.

Cooking an effective mosquito repellent

First you need to pick up the birch bark. You should not immediately rush to peel the nearest birch trees: the bark from dead or lying trees on the ground will fit perfectly. It is even better than fresh - it contains more tar. It is birch tar that will be the basis for the remedy. To drive the tar out of the bark, it is necessary to tear it in strips, the width of a tin can with a lid.

With the search for cans, I think there will be no problem!

So; tear the bark into strips the width of the jar and rewind these strips with a tape measure, as tight as possible. When the skein becomes the diameter of a tin can, place the skein in this can.

Now take the second can. We measure its height with a branch and dig a recess in the ground equal to the height of a second, empty jar. There is one subtlety; it is necessary that the jar located in the ground was a little smaller caliber than the jar with the bark. Now we install an empty can in the pit, fill the edges around the banks with soil so that its edges are flush with the ground.

Next, we make a small hole in the bottom of the can with the bark. With a nail or knife.

We install this jar on a jar dug into the ground so that the opening of the upper jar with the bark falls into the lower jar.

Now cover the top jar with a lid, cover it with brushwood or firewood and set it on fire.

As it burns, we throw it into the fire. It is necessary to maintain fire for half an hour. The bonfire should not be too big and powerful. The main thing is that the flame and coals completely cover the upper bank.

Thus we drive the tar out of birch bark. As a result, in half an hour, we will get some tar.

With a two hundred gram jar full of bark, you get about 40-50 ml. tar. Now we pour the resulting tar into the prepared bottle, and pour alcohol or an alcohol-containing liquid there.

Proportions of 1 to 2. That is - for one share of tar add two parts of alcohol or vodka. Shake well. Everything, the tool is ready.

Moisten a cotton wool or cloth with it, apply to exposed skin and it will protect you from all types of blood-sucking insects - mosquitoes, midges, gadflies and ticks. Also, it is absolutely harmless to any skin. Well, let the dark color of the product not scare anyone: when applied to the skin it is absolutely invisible. In addition - it is washed off perfectly with warm water and soap.