How to make a solar water heater

An excellent home-made for a summer residence, which on a good summer day will provide you with hot water, heated with absolutely free solar energy. Hot water can come in handy to wash dishes, hands, and for other needs. The solar water heater is easy to manufacture, does not require strict use of certain materials, everything can be replaced if desired or lacking.

Making a Solar Water Heater

In the course of the description of the manufacture, I will offer alternative options for replacing materials, since some of them you may not be able to find.

So, to begin with, it is necessary to cut a square from thick plywood of any brand, be it chipboard, fiberboard, OSB, etc.

The size of the side of the square is approximately 60 cm.

Next, from a thin sheet of stainless steel, cut a square equal to the square of plywood. It will be a reflector of solar energy.

If you do not have a thin stainless steel, but take ordinary aluminum foil and glue it over a square of plywood.

I take a sheet of stainless steel, put it on top of a square of plywood. I put wooden battens around the perimeter and fix it all with small nails.

Now I need a copper tube 5-6 m long. The thinner its walls, the better. The metal tube may be aluminum. We turn it into one layer, but so that the dimensions of the circle of twisting do not go beyond the dimensions of the square of plywood.

Spray paint from a spray can of black paint the tube. First, one side, then when it dries, the other.

From the U-shaped aluminum profile we make the body-contour along the perimeter of the square.

We drill a hole in the center. Also from the rail we nail four stops for the copper coil.

We install a copper coil. At the beginning of the curl we put on a silicone tube. And we pass it into the hole in the center.

Go to the other end of the copper tube from the side.

Cut the glass to the size of the square from plywood. It is better to use plexiglass or plexiglass, as they transmit infrared rays well.

The solar panel is almost ready.

From a steel square profile we make a rack.

A rectangle with a soldered rectangle on top.

We weld semicircular rods that will hold a bottle of water.

Now take a 20 liter bottle. In the lid we make a hole for the tap.

We put a tap on the sealant.

Set the bottle on a rack.

On top, we also glue the neck of an unnecessary bottle onto the sealant, so that you can easily add water to the tank.

We glue the tube on the side.

And from the bottom we glue the tube. This must be done for better circulation.

We tilt the solar panel.

We connect the side tube of the solar collector to the side tube of the bottle.

And the central one from the collector is to the bottom of the bottle.

A solar water heater is ready. Pour in water.

And we wait until the sun heats the water. Everything happens autonomously.

After a couple of hours, drain for sample.

The thermometer is off scale at 50 degrees. The water warmed up somewhere to 75-80 degrees Celsius.

The result is excellent.

Water circulates in the system itself: cold is taken from the bottom of the bottle, passes through copper curls and flows back into the bottle.

This is a great demonstration of the use of free solar energy.