Do-it-yourself scissors

Many cat lovers are faced with the fact that their pets sharpen their claws on furniture, which is why it loses its appearance. Since cats have such a need, the best solution would be to purchase a special claw point. It can be bought at pet stores, but if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. Moreover, it is not difficult. Now we will consider the option of making a simple claw-claw, which consists of a lower base, an upper part where the pet will sit, and a pipe for sharpening claws.

Scratching Point Making

For the lower and upper stands we need chipboard. The lower base can be made 40x40 cm, and the upper 30x20 cm. Using an electric jigsaw, evenly cut the required dimensions. So that the angle is exactly 90 degrees, you can use a square.

Now you need to tighten the lower and upper parts with a cloth. For this, a carpet is best suited, as it will be convenient for a cat to sharpen its claws about it. In addition, this fabric has a high density and is more durable. For the upper part, you can use a fabric that is used for covering the furniture. To do this, cut the desired size of the fabric, taking into account that it can be tucked under the bottom, and secured from the bottom with brackets or nails. As for the carpet, it can be cut exactly to the size of the lower base 40x40 cm, and attached to the top. Do not use staples to tighten the bottom of the fabric, since the cat can damage the claws about them. It is better to use small nails, or glue.

When the lower and upper parts are ready, and covered with fabric, you can begin to manufacture a pipe, on which the cat will sharpen its claws. The height of the pipe can be made about one meter. Even if you have a small kitten, do not make the claw point too low, as it will grow up and it will be small for it. Typically, cats like to sharpen their claws to their full height, and they can reach 70 cm. For these purposes, you can use a regular cardboard tube, which is used for rolled materials, for example, for linoleum. You can simply go to the store where they sell such materials and ask for this pipe. Usually they are disposed of already, so you will most likely not be refused.

Having cut off the required pipe size, a piece of a wooden bar must be fixed on top and bottom. After that, you can fasten the upper and lower parts by connecting it to the pipe above and below. Before twisting the screws, it is better to drill holes so that the bars do not crack.

And in conclusion, it is necessary to tighten the pipe with a rope. To do this, coat the pipe with PVA glue, and wrap it tightly around it with a rope, and so on to the very top. Why is it best to use PVA? This is not a toxic glue and will not harm your pet.

All this work will take you a couple of hours, and several hundred rubles. If you buy a finished scratching post in stores, then the minimum cost will be 2000 rubles.