Submersible pump from the washing machine pump

If you have an old or broken automatic washing machine, but you can extract a good and very necessary thing from it - a water pump (pump). It is supposedly at the very bottom under the drum and is used to pump liquid from the washing container to the sewer.

Such a pump works directly from a variable network 220 V 50 Hz, its power is about 30 watts.

I will try to use it for irrigation and make a submersible pump out of it. Of course, the pressure of such a pump is not enough to pump water from the bottom of the well or well, but from the bottom of the barrel or a larger ground-based capacity it will be enough.

The pump actually consists of two parts: an electromagnetic coil with a U-shaped core and an airtight side of the pump itself with an impeller and an engine core.

Making a submersible pump from a pump

So, you need to disconnect the coil from the pump body itself, this is done by simple extension.

Also on the coil, you can notice a thermal fuse that trips when the temperature is exceeded, so as not to burn the winding.

We solder the network cable of the required length, always in double insulation.

In the frame of the coil, a cut was made under this wire.

From thick paper we make a frame under the reel. It will be filled with epoxy resin, which will seal electrical parts.

We part and fill in epoxy. This must be done on some kind of substrate, so that you can then tear it off.

But before directly pouring it is necessary to glue all the cracks with hot glue. So that the resin does not spill or leak.

We wait 24 hours until everything freezes. Next, we collect by first putting on the pump with the impeller.

And then the intake pipe.


I took a bucket of water for verification. I lowered the submersible pump now and turned it on.

Of course there is no particular pressure, but as I said - for a barrel it will be more than enough to water all the beds at any height without extra hassle.

Pump performance is very good. Bucket deflated in a few seconds.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that this homemade product is shown for reference only. If you do something similar, then only at your own peril and risk. A voltage of 220 V is life threatening and if something suddenly breaks through, such a mistake can become fatal.