Simple and tasty cherry ice cream

Cherries belong to those berries that rarely get fresh in dishes, but they become a great filling, in addition to the main taste. Milk ice cream is a neutral sweet product, there are no special delights in it. Cherries, falling into the milk base, soften their own acid and transform unpretentious ice cream. A cool dessert appears on the plate with cherry blossom, taste and aroma. The structure of ice cream is exactly the same as for desserts languishing in supermarket freezer windows.


  • cherry (with seeds) - 150 g,

  • eggs - 2 pcs.,

  • sugar - 130 g

  • milk - 250 ml

  • sour cream 15% - 150 g,

  • starch - 1.5 tsp

The sequence of preparation of milk ice cream with cherry

1. Gather a weighty handful of berries, pour cherries into a basket. This amount is enough for 6 servings of ice cream. If there is a choice, cherries are selected the darkest and ripe.

2. Cherries can be gathered by eye, and you cannot do without accurate weighing of sugar. Sugar is involved in creating the structure of ice cream. A measured amount of sweet sand is put in a pan. One tablespoon of sugar is laid in another bowl to beat with the yolks.

3. In a creamy dessert, there may be oily home-made sour cream, and for a light milk ice cream, a convenience store is suitable. Sour cream is mixed with sugar.

4. Dilute sweet sour cream with milk, stir the mass. The milk base is heated, but do not let it boil. The fire is turned off until the appearance of bubbles indicating boiling.

5. Break the eggs, separating the yolks.

6. In the yolks put starch and a tablespoon of sugar. beat until smooth and lightly foaming.

7. Whipped yolks are poured into a pan with a milk base. The yolk mass is poured in a stream so that clots do not form. All beat with a blender at low speed so that the spray does not fly in different directions.

8. Cherries need to be finished quickly, until the milk has cooled. Berries are washed, seeds are taken out. Prepared put in a deep bowl.

9. The milk base is put on the stove, boiled over the smallest fire, stirring with a whisk. It should turn out a mass similar to jelly of medium density. The fire is turned off.

10. Cherries beat with a blender.

11. Transfer cherry puree to a milk base, which has cooled to almost room temperature.

12. Beat the mass until a homogeneous texture.

13. Pour the milk-cherry mass into any sealed dishes that can withstand the cold of the freezer. Ice cream is left in the freezer for an hour.

14. Take out the dishes, stir the ice cream for 2-3 minutes, put in the freezer. After an hour, stirring is repeated.

15. Cherry ice cream will completely harden in 8-10 hours.

16. When serving, milk-cherry ice cream can be decorated with fresh berries.