How to turn a smartphone into a metal detector in 1 minute

What only now you can’t turn your smartphone into an oscilloscope, an audio frequency generator, or a universal remote control ... Everything is achieved by simply installing software. This article will discuss how to turn a smartphone into a metal detector (metal detector).

Unfortunately, this is not suitable for every cellular model, but for those who have an electronic compass in their composition. Fortunately, most modern models have this feature.

What does it take to turn a smartphone into a metal detector?

In principle, no physical modification of the device is required. You only need to install the appropriate software from Google Play for Android phones . And here you have two links, but you can search for other applications:

  • Metal detector

  • Metal detector

All applications are free, well, not counting the ads in them ...

Demonstration on the example of the sentence " Metal Detector ". Download and install.

No additional rights need to be set for him. That's all!


We launch the application. To check, I buried several metal objects under a layer of sand.

We hold the smartphone over the search surface and as the deviation of the oscillogram on the screen is noted, we mark the place.

We are trying to drip, without any problems, we are looking for our first metal object - pliers.

We search further.

We notice a surge and find another object.

That's how simple it is.


Do not wait for miracles from the metal detector from the phone. His sensitivity is not great and he is not able to detect small objects.

Since its action is based on the search for a shift in the magnetic field, then anything and not just metals can affect the result of the readings.

But this does not mean that he has no use. It is still possible for them to detect a metal frame or wiring in the wall.