How to make a lampshade for a lamp from a plastic bottle

To make a very simple, almost design lamp for everyone. It does not need a lot of time and a lot of expensive materials. The article will discuss how to make a lampshade for an energy-saving lamp from plastic bottles, which are probably lying around in your home. Students and those who live in a hostel will definitely take note of this homemade product.

Will need

  • Multi-colored plastic bottles of 2 liters (1.5).

  • Scissors.

  • Stationery knife.

  • Scotch.

Making a simple lampshade from plastic bottles

First of all, take a transparent bottle, cut off the bottom and neck with a knife. This will be the frame of the whole lampshade.

The whole design will be two-tone. To do this, take two other bottles of different colors and cut them on the fly with scissors. You can manually, or you can use a simple device - //

First, wrap the opaque opaque ribbon with a transparent frame in the spread.

We fix the ends with tape so that nothing is unwound.

Next, wrap the brown ribbon also in the spread.

And also fix the edges with tape.

That's all. Our wonderful lampshade is ready. Dress up on the lamp. You don’t need to specifically attach anything, everything rests on the lamp holder itself.

It shines beautifully and creates a mysterious effect. Does not press on eyes.

In this lampshade, you can not use an incandescent lamp, only energy-saving fluorescent or LED.

In the manufacture of your lamp it is not necessary to follow this color. You can completely take not a transparent bottle for the frame, but, say, green .... It will also be very cool.