Simple and exotic cold drinks without alcohol

Sweet compotes and jelly are not the best options for quenching thirst on hot days. But water with lemon and ice is the most win-win option in such cases: it is tasty and healthy, if used in moderation, it is both profitable and pleasant.

However, it is impossible not to take advantage of the variety of recipes for cooling drinks that promise paradise pleasure, which today is offered to inquisitive experimenters and just lovers of delicious new products. And among them, if you do not want to cook the ubiquitous mojito, you can choose the simplest solutions.

How and from what to create something unusual

Fans of coffee or coffee with milk just throw a piece of ice in their favorite drink and serve it not in a cup, but in a martini glass, so that traditional drink turns into a universal product.

Sour-milk base plus fruits and berries diversify the list of amazing cocktails and smoothies. cooked at home in such a way that you can change and improve your diet at least every day.

It is especially easy to cook them if there is a blender in the house. So, it takes five minutes to mix a handful of blueberries (currants or raspberries, strawberries or mulberries) with 250 ml of kefir. And the effect is appetizing, both in taste and in appearance.

Juices of different fruits in a different community can compete with any drinks. It can be a deuce and a triple, and an entire ensemble of components. After all, greens are in perfect harmony with vegetables. They, in turn, can be tried to mix with fruits and berries.

For example, carrots feel perfect with apples and bananas.

You can try to use all sorts of configurations. But here it is important not to overdo it. The main thing is that they do not work out very thick. True, overly concentrated drinks can always be diluted with cold water without gas or its carbonated counterpart.

Culinary experimenters do not stop there. They arrange all kinds of froths from whipped proteins and cream on top of ordinary juices.

So it turns out that the assortment of thirst-quenching drinks is so great that it can easily replace any kind of alcohol!