How to remove a greasy stain from clothes while relaxing at sea

At home, not only walls help, but also a washing machine, soap, brushes, sponges, powders, chemical degreasers. However, sometimes troubles with clothes happen when a person is separated from the usual household goods for many kilometers. For example, while in a seaside resort, he can drop ice cream on his shirt or pour broth over it at lunch.

Then you need to use the means that are available in your own suitcase and on the beach.

Will be required

  • sand, preferably from the cleanest coastal area where vacationers do not sunbathe;

  • sea ​​water (you can pick up in a liter plastic bottle and bring to the hotel);

  • shaving gel.

How to act?

1. Pour sand into a spacious container.

2. Squeeze on it about a two-centimeter strip of cream.

3. Pour so much salt water so that the sandy sand is not too wet, but just very wet.

4. Stir the mass with a finger or a toothpick while foaming the cream.

5. Dense soapy-sandy mixture on the stain.

6. Leave a homemade stain remover in the contaminated area. Moisten as it dries.

7. After 3-5 hours, stop the wetting procedure. Shake off the dried substance from the shirt (trousers, t-shirts - depending on what was processed).

8. Rinse this place first under cold, then under a warm stream. Air dry or hairdryer - it is in any hotel.


The result of simple manipulations is a flawless, wearable thing.

There are no restrictions on the type of tissue. The main thing is to try to test the proposed method for half an hour after a greasy spot has been set, although experience proves that after a longer time the problem is easy to solve.