Capelin dry salted

Salting fish is a simple matter, sprinkled with salt, that's all wisdom. If we consider the salting of a specific fish, for example, as small as capelin, and delve into the process in more detail, we can identify many interesting cooking options in which the result of the whole action will differ.

Of course, the easiest way is to salt the capelin whole, without bothering with the laborious evisceration of fish. But then be ready to peel it right at the dinner table, while boiled potatoes are getting cold and waiting for pickles. And you can pre-prepare yourself a pleasant and calm meal, with an aesthetic presentation - all you need to do is to chop the capelin fillet on a fork and put it in your mouth. In order to make such a feast for your family for your family, you definitely need to learn how to salt capelin with a dry ambassador, and also learn in our recipe about how to clean capelin on fillet. We assure you - nothing complicated!


  • - fresh-frozen capelin - 1 kg;

  • - salt - 1 tbsp;

  • - sugar - 1 tbsp;

  • - spices: sweet peas, cloves - 2-4 pieces.

Cooking time: 1 day. Servings: 5-10.


1. Preparing capelin for salting is simple - preparation is just to rinse thawed fish in water. At the same time, we recommend that you review all the fish and in its appearance determine which one to leave and which is better to throw away immediately. This can be a damaged fish, with a head torn off (when it is impossible to determine in what condition the fish was before freezing) or suspicious for some other reason. Remember that your health and the health of your loved ones is first and foremost.

2. As already mentioned, capelin will be gutted before salting, and therefore it is necessary to cut each fish into fillets. At first it will seem to you that it is too difficult and burdensome, but after catching, after the fifth or seventh fish, cutting 1 capelin will take you no more than a minute. Here's what you need to do to get the delicious fillets of this fish: take the washed capelin, cut off the head from above, not reaching the end of 2-3 mm. Now pull the head and pull out with it all the insides of the fish. You can immediately cut off the tail, or you can leave it.

3. Cut the abdomen along with a sharp knife and clean the black films along the inner cavity. Expand the fish like a book.

4. Slide your finger along the outside of the capelin along the entire back from head to tail, bending the fish ring. From this movement, the spinal bone arches and can be easily removed from the fillet. Our blank is ready! If necessary, rinse it again under running water.

5. When the capelin is gutted - you can start pickling! Sprinkle the bottom of the container with a small portion of a mixture of salt and sugar. We lay the blanks on them with the first layer.

6. Again, sprinkle the fish with salt and sugar. Arranging randomly sweet peas and buds of cloves. In this way, we shift all the fish, evenly distributing all the salt, sugar and spices over all layers.

7. Sent in the refrigerator for a day. After 24 hours, the salty capelin will be ready!

It can be put in a jar, sprinkled with oil or apple cider vinegar, used to make sandwiches and canapes, eat just like that, with brown bread and tomatoes. In general, the way your heart desires, and most importantly, your hands remain clean, you don’t need to get dirty - nothing distracts you from a delicious meal!

Bon Appetit!