DIY meat grinder in 5 minutes

Hello dear readers. Do not buy an electric meat grinder until you finish reading this article. Its essence is to combine together a screwdriver and an ordinary meat grinder, as a result we get a peculiar, portable miracle.

A cordless portable meat grinder that you can take with you wherever you go. I bet few people can boast of that.

Pros of a homemade meat grinder

To evaluate the benefits, compare this device with a factory electric meat grinder.

  • The price is almost free, since most have everything at home.

  • Not tied to a power outlet - take wherever you want: at least on a hike, at least on fishing, at least on a summer residence.

  • Switching modes.

  • Possibility of breaking bones by impacts of a ratchet screwdriver.

  • Versatility (easy to turn into a conventional meat grinder).

  • Easy assembly.

Cons are not so obvious, but still:

  • Appearance.

  • There is an unpleasant load on the hands while holding a screwdriver.

    After all of the above, let's admit to ourselves that we use a meat grinder 2-3 times a year. Therefore, buying a factory does not make sense.

    Will need

    So what do we need?

    • The usual manual meat grinder.

    • Cordless screwdriver.

    • Bolt.

      The bolt must be taken with the same thread that is screwed into the screw shaft.

      Putting an electric meat grinder on a screwdriver

      Clamp the bolt in the screwdriver's chuck. Try to center the bolt better so that there is a minimum beating during operation.

      We check by screwing the bolt into the screw.

      If everything is fine, install the screw in the case and screw the bolt sticking out of the screwdriver into it.

      Set the knife.

      We put a knife-grill.

      We tighten the clamping nut.

      We check. Everything is ready!

      Now I suggest you watch a video of the operation of this device. For example, fish is used.

      There is a final beat, but they are not particularly critical, at least nothing jumps out of the hands.

      Thanks for your attention!