How to get out of the mud without assistance

Anything can happen on the road, especially if you decide to cut the path along an unfamiliar route. Getting into the mud or snow pit is not difficult. The most dangerous thing in such obstacles, “get on a belly”, is when the car is lying on dirt or snow with its mass, and the wheels spin without any extra resistance. No one, not even an all-wheel drive car, is insured against this. Of course, you can go for a tractor or call the rescue service, but you can also get out yourself using the useful life hack advice, which you will definitely take into account if you did not know about it before.

Will need

  • A thick rope, a winch - most experienced drivers most likely have it used for towing.

  • A pair of small planks, thick branches are also suitable.

All these objects, whatever one may say, is easier to find nearby than a tractor.

Get out of the mud yourself

It is necessary to thread the rope through the discs and tie the board. It is not tied in the middle, but at one end so that the wheel can spin.

Such a procedure must be done on both sides of the car, on the drive axle, since the differential will spin the lightest wheel, and so it will have no choice.

As everyone tied, we proceed to pulling out the car. Very carefully, without sharp jerks, we are trying to get under way. Any sudden movement can easily disrupt all means, so there is no need to rush.

The machine gradually rises and move forward.

Turn by turn, we take the car out of the mud.


The method is really effective. Saves not only from dirt, but also from snow pits.

In the example, an all-wheel drive car was used - this is of course a plus, but do not forget that the front-wheel drive is much lighter in weight, which means the task is not particularly complicated.