How to eliminate clogging in the sink at home?

Each of us, at least once in a lifetime, has even faced the problem of clogging in a sewer pipe. Untimely preventive measures and human carelessness lead to unpleasant consequences, the elimination of which may require considerable financial investments.

The most common cause of clogging is the appearance of an obstruction in the siphon or sewer. A cork may form as a result of the accumulation of small particles of paper, wool and hair, sand, grease and other waste products.

There are the following ways to eliminate blockage at home:

  • - thermal;

  • - chemical;

  • - mechanical.

Next, consider the most popular of them.


This method is considered the cheapest and easiest. It will help eliminate blockage from body fat. A few liters of very hot water will be required for cleaning. For effectiveness, soda or citric acid can be added to the water.


The stores offer a wide range of products for cleaning the sewer. They have different consistencies and forms - liquid, powdery, in the form of granules or gel. The composition of the drugs are similar to each other, the main substance in them is caustic soda.

The chemical method is considered very fast, but not always effective. Once in the drain, the drug envelops the blockage, gradually splitting its particles. When buying a chemical product, read the annotation to it. Pay attention to which pipes the drug is suitable for.


This method is used in cases where chemicals and boiling water do not help. The simplest is the use of a plunger. Using it, you create pressure in the sewer. As a result, stagnant debris begins to move and collapse. If the sink has an overflow hole, then it must be covered with a rag or sealed with tape.

Another mechanical method involves the use of a cable or wire. This method allows you to remove the cork at the depth of the pipes. The device is pushed through the drain hole and rotated. After making sure that the blockage is removed, the cable is removed and the pipe is washed with water.

An effective method for cleaning the siphon is disassembly. If it has a standard design and access to it is open, then a woman can cope. A small workshop is shown in the photo. In this case, a decorative plate with a mesh is connected to a branch pipe into the sewer using a screw. By the way, garbage from a mixture of hair and wool often accumulates on it. Unscrew the screw and clean.

Remove the pipe and rinse in hot water.

In the reverse order, we assemble the structure under the sink.

Preventative measures

If you do not want to run into a blockage in the sewer again, follow a few rules. Protect the drain hole with a protective net, clean it in a timely manner. She will keep particles of garbage, food, hair and wool, which form a cork in the siphon and pipe.

Once every three months, use chemical or heat treatment of the pipes. You can pour a spoonful of soda or salt into the drain once a day. Do not pour grease that adheres to the pipe walls. It is better to soak it with toilet paper, a paper towel and throw it away.