Unusual use of plastic bottles in the country

Plastic bottles in the eyes of the zealous owner are an invaluable material that can be used without limit in the garden or in the country. They will save the family budget and give aesthetic appeal to the site. Enough to put skillful hands and add a little imagination to make useful devices.

Fencing for beds and beds

A good alternative to boards, slate and brick is a border made of identical bottles placed around the perimeter of the garden bed. They reliably hold their shape and are not washed away by heavy rains. In order for the container to stand stably, it must be tipped or tied with wire.

If there is not enough space on the site, you can build a multi-tiered flowerbed. It is carried out according to the same technology as the bottle picket fence, only after creating the first tier you need to fill the space with soil, and then form a new level on it.

Five-liter barrels are an excellent material for the manufacture of mini-beds. It is enough to remove part of the side surface, pour it into the ground and the compact flower garden is ready. If desired, it can be decorated for fairy or cartoon characters, as well as make group compositions in the form of a train or a necklace.

Flower pots

PET bottles are easily transformed into small decorative pots for your favorite flowers. They will perfectly fit into the interior of a summer house and garden house. If you put a fabric cover on such a pot, you get a stylish and original planter for the summer veranda.

Plant irrigation

Watering is an important component of a good harvest, but what if you manage to get to the cottage only for the weekend, and the season is in full swing? Plastic bottles again come to the rescue, from which it is easy to build an effective irrigation system.

Irrigation near the roots

For watering you will need bottles without a bottom. Instead of a cap, we wind a cone-shaped nozzle on their neck and stick it into the ground next to the plant. Pour water from above and create drip irrigation. A simpler option is to install the container with its neck down and sprinkle it with earth for greater stability.

Another way to save your pets from drought is to bury a bottle with holes in the garden bed and pour water through the neck. This ensures maximum penetration of fluid into the soil and eliminates wind damage to the structure.


Plastic containers will help organize water supply by spraying. To do this, pre-make a lot of holes on the bottle and connect a watering hose to it. The system allows you to irrigate the entire area of ​​the garden, subject to periodic placement in a new place.

Hanging watering

The bottles are placed on a wire or rope tied to a support. The capacity must be placed above the plant - neck down or up. In the first case, water will flow out through the lid, and in the second through the openings of the bottom. This method allows you to fine-tune the flow rate and provide the plant with the right amount of fluid.

Trash can

Owners of suburban areas are well aware of how much garbage accumulates in the country or in the garden. A special container made of plastic containers and steel wire will help fight it.

First, with the help of an awl in the center of the caps, we make holes for the wire. Then with a clerical knife we ​​cut a groove in the bottom, where the bottleneck will be inserted. Next, we proceed to the collection of the structure, stringing the containers on the wire and placing the necks in the bottom.

So that the tank does not fall apart, we make a wire frame. To do this, using pliers, we form several rings of the same diameter, to which we fasten the bottle posts with a thin wire. The bottom can be made of plywood, galvanized or wire.