Three barbecue marinades for every taste

What a picnic without barbecue or grilled steaks? From April to the end of autumn, lovers of country holidays and country gatherings without fail make fires and cook grilled meat, chicken wings, barbecue and various sausages on smoldering coals. And in order for each meal to turn into a holiday, chefs advise pickling barbecue products in advance.

Before proceeding directly to frying portioned portions, it is recommended that the meat be kept in the marinade for a certain time, which depends on the acidity and other characteristics of the products used for the marinade. For example, pieces of meat mixed with the pulp of exotic kiwi soften in 2 hours, and mineral water with gas can make meat fibers tender in just an hour and a half.

Today we offer recipes of three varieties of marinade for meat products in your culinary piggy bank: butter-lemon, soy-honey and garlic-sour-milk. The meat aged in each of them acquires a taste that can conquer even the most demanding gourmet, it becomes unusually tender, when frying it is covered with the finest golden crust, and the flesh of each piece literally exudes spicy juice.

Lemon Marinade

The recipe is commonly used with pork. By the way, the most delicious and juicy kebab is obtained from a collar. Fans of leaner foods are advised to try chopping portions from the adrenal gland.

Ingredients for 2 kg of meat:

  • lemon - 1 medium-sized fruit;

  • onions - 3 pcs.;

  • unrefined olive seed oil - 40 ml;

  • table salt - 2 teaspoons;

  • Suneli hops - 1 teaspoon;

  • dried basil - 1 coffee spoon.

We infuse the citrus fruit with boiling water, cut the thin zest from the lemon, rub it on the smallest grater. Then squeeze the juice into a ceramic bowl or pan, add zest, olive oil, spicy aromatic herbs and salt. Peeled onion heads cut into rings. Immerse the onions and portioned meat in the prepared mixture and mix thoroughly, kneading them with your fingers. The product is pickled in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

Honey marinade

With this spicy marinade, it is best to cook veal skewers. Its rich spicy taste with oriental notes will emphasize the charm of the finished product and give the pieces an amazing chocolate-golden hue.

Ingredients for 2 kg of meat:

  • honey (forest, alpine, meadow, heather, sunflower) - 1 tablespoon;

  • soy sauce with ginger or mushrooms - 50 ml;

  • vegetable oil (preferably sesame or nut) - 20 ml;

  • garlic - 2 large cloves;

  • ground black pepper - 1 coffee spoon;

  • coriander grains - 1 coffee spoon;

  • clove buds - 5-6 pcs.;

  • finely ground sea food salt - 2 tsp.

Melt the candied honey in a water bath, just pour the liquid into the prepared dry container. Peeled garlic cloves pass through a press, mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl. The time for pickling pieces of veal in a spicy soy-honey mixture is 7-8 hours. Before frying, remove the clove buds and leave the cilantro seeds.

Sour milk marinade

Sour-milk products (natural yogurt, kefir, Ayran, koumiss, katyk) soften all types of meat (veal, beef, pork, lamb). The above recipe is also suitable for marinating chicken wings, chicken legs, thighs and breast.

Ingredients for 2 kg of meat or poultry:

  • kefir or yogurt - 0.25 l;

  • fresh garlic - 3 cloves;

  • juice squeezed from one lime fruit;

  • fresh peppermint leaves - 10 pcs.;

  • ordinary salt - 2 tsp;

  • a mixture of peppers (black, allspice, white) - 1 coffee spoon;

  • coriander greens - 5 branches.

Mint and coriander leaves, as well as chives, are ground in a mortar. We combine all components in an enameled pan and pickle portioned pieces of poultry or meat in them. The time for marinating chicken is 4 hours, pork for 7 hours, lamb, veal and beef for 12 hours.

Choose marinade to taste and according to the type of meat. And to make skewers on skewers look elegant and attractive, string the pieces interspersed with onion rings, slices of multi-colored sweet pepper and small fruits of orange and red tomatoes.

Enjoy your rest and delicious meals in the fresh air at any time of the year!