Red fish is a simple delicacy

What kind of dishes were not prepared in Russia from the salmon fish family. Tender seals, chum salmon, pink salmon or trout began with traditional pies, thin pancakes, and exquisite kulebyaki. A delicious product was added to the first courses, providing an incomparable taste of hot food. The word "red" always meant something beautiful, honorable, ceremonial. For these reasons, rare fish species with such a color of meat occupied a special place in cooking, and cooked dishes always headed holiday feasts.


  • 300 g of any kind of red fish;

  • refined oil (olive or sunflower);

  • crushed crackers or breadcrumbs;

  • the amount of salt and spices is chosen to taste.

Cooking red fish

1. If we bought a frozen product, leave the packaging on the table for thawing in vivo.

2. We clean the fish from the scales, wash it, get wet with napkins, cut the layers into portion parts.

3. Pour crushed crackers or ready-made breading mixture onto a flat plate. If you don’t have the right staff at hand, don’t panic! We use semolina, oatmeal for these purposes or quickly make batter. We simply combine in the bowl an egg, half a glass of milk and 50 grams of flour. We mix the components, we get a thick composition, the consistency of which is similar to homemade sour cream.

4. So, roll the fish in a breading mixture. Slightly press the pieces to the bulk composition.

5. We heat the pan, pour in 50 grams of refined oil (sunflower or olive). Spread pieces of red fish in hot fat, leaving a small distance between them.

6. Fry the product from all sides, turning over as a golden crust forms. We use medium power fire. For complete readiness, we need no more than ten minutes.

Serve red fish with slices of lemon, broccoli, tender lettuce, green peas, fresh or baked tomatoes. We serve the dish according to your tastes and preferences. We have a pleasant appetite anyway!