Mobile charger

A huge and varied set of chargers for phones, smartphones and tablets are now literally on every counter. But quite often, our expectations do not coincide with reality! For example; going on the road, and buying a powerbank for your mobile phone, we buy, for example, a device at an average price, with a declared capacity of 10, 400 mAh. Such a device should at least 3-4 times charge even the most “power-hungry” phone! However, realities do not always coincide with what is written on the label. As they say; "If you want to do something well - do it yourself!". Today we’ll collect an HONEST powerbank with our own hands ... Moreover, it will cost us relatively little, compared to a device of the same capacity (stated on the label, again!) Bought in the store. Personally, I’ve already assembled such a device, and I’m not overjoyed! And now I’m happy to tell you how to assemble the same.

Will need

  • 18650 batteries (4 pcs).

  • Charge controller (boost DC-DC converter).

  • Phone case (suitable for yours).

  • Glue second and soda.

  • Soldering iron, with flux and solder.

  • Thin tin (for example, from a coffee can).

  • Scissors.

  • Short USB-micro usb cable

Mobile Battery Assembly

So, let's start the assembly. To begin with, we will connect the previously prepared batteries in parallel. We cut out two sheets of sheet metal with a width of about 4-5 mm. For further convenience, we first connect all the batteries into a single unit - applying them to each other with their ends, we drop a second glue on the joints and immediately sprinkle it with soda. Next, using a soldering iron, solder and flux, we solder the tin plates to all the contacts of the batteries (I used spot welding, but not every person has it on the farm, that's why I advised using a soldering iron). That is - we connect them in parallel. It should work like this:

Now you need to connect the controller. If you could not find such a thing in the appropriate store, use the online stores, or (in extreme cases) buy any, the cheapest Chinese powerbank, which costs 100 rubles to extract this fee from it. The price will be almost identical, as if you bought this scarf in an online store with delivery.

In general, we have a handkerchief controller. Now, MAXIMUM carefully connect the B + and B- contacts with the contacts of the prepared battery. If you mix up the plus and minus places - the controller will burn right away! I myself stepped on this rake, so be careful. After successfully soldering all the contacts, we put the controller's handkerchief in the most convenient place on the battery and, again, using second glue and soda, glue it to the designated place.

Next, glue the resulting design (to the one that fits your phone) cover.

That's basically it. This charging case will help you out more than once, on a camping trip, or on a long trip.