How to pickle lard

While nutritionists and other experts are arguing about the benefits of salted lard, it remains a very popular product among many people around the world. Salted lard is eaten in Italy, Germany, the Baltic countries, in Ukraine and in Russia. Many myths about the dangers of fat have long been dispelled. Salted lard is a source of vitamin D, A, E. It contains beneficial cholesterol and a whole complex of unsaturated fatty acids. Salted lard perfectly cleanses blood and blood vessels, normalizes the central nervous system and brain. The only disadvantage of the product is its high calorie content. It is 800 kcal per 100 g. Therefore, obese people should not abuse salted fat and include it in the diet in minimal quantities.


To salt the fat at home you need:

  • fresh fat 2 kg;

  • salt, large 200 g;

  • ground pepper 5-6 g;

  • garlic.

    How to pickle lard at home, a step by step recipe

    1. Inspect the selected piece of pork fat for salting. If there is slight contamination, then strip them with a knife. You can wash lard with water only if it is very dirty.

    2. Cut lard into large rectangular pieces and make cuts on them to the skin.

    3. Mix the salt with pepper and with this mixture it is good to fill in the lard, not forgetting the cuts.

    4. Peel 6-7 cloves of garlic, cut them into pieces and sprinkle lard with garlic.

    5. Put prepared pieces of fat into a saucepan or container.

    6. Pour the remaining salt on top.

    7. Close the lid with salted lard and leave it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

    Before eating, salted lard with garlic and pepper is removed from excess salt, cut and served on the table as a cold appetizer. A sandwich with salty homemade bacon can be a quick snack.