How to make an egg in 40 seconds

As always, in the morning there is not enough time. Everyone runs around, fussing, especially in a large family. To win precious minutes in preparing breakfast, I will show you one hack how to cook an egg (or several at once) in a microwave in less than a minute, since almost everyone has them now.

It only takes 40 seconds to cook from one to 4-5 eggs at a time. That is, it is quite realistic to feed a family or yourself a healthy breakfast for a short period of time.

Will need

  • Egg.

  • A violet or a mug.

  • Cling film.

    If you need to cook 2 eggs, then take two bowls, respectively, and so on.

    Cooking eggs for 40 seconds in the microwave

    So, let's begin! Break the shell and pour the egg into the mug.

    Wrap the mug tightly with cling film. Must be tightness.

    Put it all in the microwave. We set the maximum power and the oven timer for 40 seconds, start cooking.

    During cooking, the film will swell, do not be alarmed - this is normal, then the egg reaches its condition. After the time we take out the dishes. The cooked dish should easily slide onto a plate.

    Please note:

    • 40 seconds is an approximate value, the power of your microwave oven may differ, respectively, and the cooking time.

    • If the egg sticks to the dishes, grease it with a drop of sunflower oil. Instead of oil, you can add a small amount of water.

      In such a simple way, you can cook an excellent healthy meal for a healthy breakfast for the whole family.