How to make a pool from a Eurocube

In the summer cottages today you can find Eurocubes for storing water, often they are not used for their intended purpose and only take their place. We recommend converting them into summer pools for children and more.

What is needed

In addition to the Eurocube itself with a capacity of at least 800 liters, you need 20 × 30 mm slats, lining, and self-tapping screws for metal and wood. From the tools you need to prepare an electric jigsaw, grinder, grinder with an abrasive disk, clamps and a screwdriver. Boards are protected from decay by special impregnations and painted.

Manufacturing technology

Eurocube is very convenient in that it has a drain neck. And as soon as the water begins to "bloom", it can be immediately used to water the garden or vegetable garden, which is very convenient.

Lift the plastic container out of the metal crate slightly. So that it does not fall back to its previous place, slide the rails from below. Using a marker or felt-tip pen, draw a line along the perimeter to cut off the top. Carefully remove the excess part of the Eurocube with an electric jigsaw. Plastic is easy to cut; you don’t need to make big efforts. If the container was dirty, now you can thoroughly rinse its internal surfaces.

Remove the metal plate, on it the manufacturers indicated the technical characteristics of the eurocube and the parameters of the stored liquid. The plate is fixed with metal clamps, they must be eaten.

The upper edges of the plastic tank should be flush with the horizontal piping of the Eurocube metal crate. If you made a mistake with the dimensions or the depth of the pool is too large, then you need to cut off the tank again, taking into account the problems found.

To do this, remove the plastic from the crate and use a grinder to cut one row of metal tubes. At the same time, it is imperative to leave the horizontal trim around the perimeter, it not only guarantees strength, but also serves as a place for attaching wooden planking.

Insert the tank into the crate and draw a cut line again. Lift the plastic, put it under the bottom of the rail and remove the extra height with a jigsaw.

Gather the eurocube and use the grinder to walk around the perimeter, carefully remove all burrs on the plastic and metal crate.

Make a wooden frame on the cube to secure the outer skin. Use the impregnated slats, screw them to the tubes with metal screws. The thickness of the tubes is approximately 0.5 mm, self-tapping screws cut through the thread without problems.

Carefully prepare the place for leaving the drain tap capacity for sewing. Here it is necessary to increase the number of rails in such a way that you can put a step. It will greatly facilitate the entry of children into the pool and leave the tap available for periodic drainage. Make a wooden frame from three horizontal rows of slats.

Proceed to cladding the Eurocube. Put it on its side, fix the boards from the ends with clamps to control the length of the lining.

Cut the soaked and painted boards along the length and begin to sheathe the crate. Fix them with ordinary self-tapping screws with a screwdriver.

To fix the ends of the plastic on the inside, install a number of rails, screw them with screws to metal tubes.

Close the upper edges of the cube with platbands, file them at 45 degrees at the corners.

Make a step above the crane.

The pool is ready, fill it with water and use.


To increase the comfort of taking water procedures in the pool, you can connect water heating, install a treatment system, etc. For children of different ages, it is recommended to change the height of the sides and, accordingly, the volume of water - bathing will be not only pleasant, but also safe for them.