How to remove traces of a sticker on a car glass in 1 minute

Just remove the sticker from the rear window of the car in 99 percent of cases fails. After peeling off, the glue from it remains on the stele.

It is also very difficult to remove the remains of glue yourself without special tools. Detergents will not help you much. You can certainly go to a car wash service, but for this operation you will definitely need an additional fee.

By the way, alcohol and alcohol-based wipers are also useless to solve this problem.

Will need

You need to buy the following:

  • Nail polish remover or white spirit.

  • A rag, bandage or swab for wiping glass.

Everything can be bought without problems even in a construction or cosmetic store for modest money. Which is better for you - decide for yourself. Both tools work relatively well.

Remove glue from the sticker from the glass

Wipe the glass from dust so as not to breed excess dirt.

Then download the rags with nail polish remover or white spirit.

And we begin to wipe the glue from the car glass.

Everything is done very quickly, without unnecessary problems. The glue dissolves perfectly and is instantly removed.

And then your glass is clean without streaks or marks from the sticker.